Rotherham Healthwave


Branding, Web Design



The brief

Rotherham Healthwave required branding that promoted community health initiatives in an uplifting, motivational way. The identity needed to reflect ideas of progression, inclusivity, and wellness.


Brand awareness and engagement

The Challenges

  • Developing a distinctive, vibrant visual identity to get attention and inspire participation.
  • Ensuring the branding was inclusive across Rotherham’s diverse demographic.
  • Creating flexible graphic assets that could be applied across initiatives and touchpoints.

The Work

  • The logo uses abstract shapes and colours to represent concepts like progress, energy, and growth related to health.
  • The colour palette of bright saturated hues feels uplifting, energetic, and optimistic.
  • Friendly, casual typography in the logo and branding materials helps create an accessible, motivational tone.
  • Icons were designed as simplified graphic shapes that can be used flexibly across materials.
  • Imagery shows Rotherham residents across ages, backgrounds, shapes, and sizes to promote inclusivity.

The Results

  • Rotherham Healthwave’s branding has a distinctive, energising look that inspires community participation.
  • Healthwave initiatives and events have seen steadily increasing attendance and engagement since launch.
  • The flexible visual assets have been easily adapted across posters, brochures, presentations, and the website.

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